Senior Wellness services enhance clients’ quality of life:
By providing pro-active education and care management, LTC Risk Advisors strives to promote personal independence. Working with the family’s participation, our geriatric care managers offer knowledgeable planning, along with access to quality geriatric services, that leads to years of quality living for seniors and peace of mind for family members.

Seniors and their families are in crisis: The 85+ population will increase 4-fold in next 30 years, which means increased chronic illness and frailty. Think about your senior clients: many have experienced a medical crisis, setting off a “roller coaster” of problems. Families rush to find help. Our health care system resolves the immediate problem, but is not set up to manage the larger, long-term picture. After a medical crisis, many seniors will be back on their own. They are prone to depression, not eating well or taking care of themselves … which leads to another crisis, lowering their health status and decreasing their quality of life … in a continuing downward spiral.

Highly-regarded geriatric medical professional home care providers and care givers: Services include screening for conditions that lead to loss of independence, provide validated assessments of medical conditions, and offer early-intervention techniques to reduce and delay impairment. The LTC medical team consists of physicians, RN care managers and well-trained, closely-supervised home care providers. Each client is paired with their own personality-matched care manager who coordinates and supervises all services, supported by a national network of medical experts who follow and advance best practice protocols. Care givers are able to travel with clients and offer personal care anywhere in the world.

Joel Theisen,
Director of Long-Term Care

The most compelling issue for seniors today is not longevity, but the capacity to make a long life worth living.