Core Team
A core team of nationally known practitioners: Specifically assembled to meet the needs of high net worth families, the LTC Risk Advisors team includes LTC risk management experts:
• Financial planners
• LTCI policy, underwriting and claims specialists
• Tax attorneys
• Financial services communication specialists
• Actuaries

Professionals on the care side of the business: The Senior Wellness and Home Care team is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for senior clients and their families:
• Geriatric wellness experts
• Geriatric disease management specialists
• Care managers who manage the plan and provide close supervision
• Care providers who can travel with clients

How our distinctive staff teams with your relationship managers and clients to meet the long term care needs of high net worth clients.

Howard Rubin, President   Howard’s sales engineering skills have been the basis of founding three national financial services marketing companies that achieved unusually high market penetration by focusing on customer needs and education. The primary focus of these ventures: long-term care insurance for bank trust customers and associations; Section 125 TPA for more than 1,000 employers and 150,000 employees; and bank consumer promotions for Wells Fargo, US Bank, Citibank and others. Howard is also co-founder of Nation’s CareLink, which has grown to become the largest LTC care management network in the United States.  more

Joel Theisen, RN, Director of Long-Term Care  Joel is the founder of CEO of AgeWell, Minnesota’s leading preventive, holistic provider of LTC care managers and providers. He has nearly 20 years’ experience focused on home care provider services, and pioneered the 7-Step Program for Aging Well. After training as a critical care nurse at the Mayo Clinic, Joel then served as a national director for InHomeHealth and as CEO for AdvoLife, a leading California home care and senior services company. more

Hersh Markusfeld, Advisor

This experienced team is uniquely positioned to integrate the funding of long-term care with access to preventive and quality home care. This consumer-oriented perspective will not only benefit the high net worth families served, but could well reduce the need for care and costs on a much broader basis.

Hersh Markusfeld is an Actuary, LTCi industry pioneer, product designer and former EVP of Fireman’s Fund American Life, now Genworth Financial)